Greensmith Energy, one of the largest providers of energy storage software and integration services, announced today that AltaGas Ltd. has selected Greensmith as the software provider and system integrator for a 20 MW/80MWh system in Pomona, California. Together, AltaGas and Greensmith will deploy a state-of-the-art 20 MW energy storage system to help with Resource Adequacy in California and offer multiple other grid applications. The project will be expedited and is expected to be completed in December 2016.

“AltaGas has significant experience developing, owning and operating clean energy assets across North America,” said David Harris, President and Chief Executive Officer of AltaGas. “Adding battery storage to our California power portfolio and having Greensmith as our partner, proves the versatility of our asset base and greatly enhances the value of what we can offer the California and desert southwest markets through integrated energy centers providing clean, reliable electricity.”

Now on track to install 200MW of cumulative operating capacity – Greensmith has set the benchmark for designing and deployment of the most successful energy storage technologies and solutions available globally. The company was recently selected as the fastest growing energy storage firm by Deloitte Fast 500 and Inc 5000, and serves a growing number of the world’s largest power firms. Leveraging significant grid-scale experience in the modeling and design of complex energy storage applications, all Greensmith systems are anchored by GEMS, the industry-leading software platform for energy storage.

“We are honored to be selected by AltaGas to be an integral part of the California Public Utilities Commission’s call for energy storage capacity,” said John Jung, President and CEO of Greensmith Energy. “From the beginning, Greensmith embarked on building and delivering the most advanced, mission-critical energy storage technologies for both grid-scale and behind-the-meter applications. And over the past 8 years, the successful execution of this strategy along with an unparalleled track-record of safe, reliable and timely project completion – helped us gain the confidence of innovative leaders such as AltaGas”.

This site is anticipated to be commercially operational by December 31, 2016.