Managing Complexity—Maintaining Stability and Reliability

As complex distributed energy systems that feature local generation and storage to power groups of inter-connected loads, microgrids present a unique set of challenges for grid owners and operators. These electrically islanded systems can operate with or without a connection to the grid. The ability to operate independently assures reliability and resiliency for customers with critical power needs who cannot afford untimely service interruptions. With dynamic energy storage control software, microgrids can take on a high penetration of renewables while optimizing various generation sources to provide the most cost-effective power source and providing stable and reliable power to the grid.

GEMS: Enabling a System of Systems

Operating as a system of systems, energy storage is dynamically managing complex commands in real-time. Like any other system of systems, without the proper control mechanisms, if any one piece is out of sync—the entire system itself is at risk. The GEMS software platform provides the essential architecture for safe and reliable microgrids, while ensuring maximum return on investment by enabling optimal storage system design, integration, and operation.

System-Wide Expertise + Best-in-Class Technology

Greensmith has been successfully designing and deploying microgrid solutions since 2010—with a 100 percent safety record. Microgrids are complex systems, yet they are essential to the evolution of the electrical grid. Our deep system expertise combined with industry-leading technology enables our customers to safely and successfully deploy advanced, resilient, and reliable microgrids around the world.